Praise for "The Revolution of Robert Kennedy"

Jack Bohrer has brought us a new, vivid and absorbing look at Robert Kennedy’s surprising transformation into the audacious hero exalted by American progressives today.
— Michael Beschloss, author of "Presidential Courage"

A fascinating study of a man whose political journey was as complex as he was. Bohrer puts us right there in the swirl of history, capturing the soft-hearted and hard-headed idealism that convinced generations of Americans of our own capacity to push the world to where it should be
— Cody Keenan, Chief Speechwriter for President Obama

Jack Bohrer has brought us a meticulously researched and vividly detailed account of the period when Bobby Kennedy, the President’s brother, became Robert F. Kennedy, a giant in his own right. As Bohrer movingly chronicles, RFK demonstrated a capacity for leadership, courage and idealism our politicians would do well to summon today.
— Betsy Fischer Martin, former Executive Producer of "Meet the Press" and Executive in Residence, American University School of Public Affairs
Fast-paced and full of new detail, Bohrer’s reevaluation of RFK’s wandering years signals the arrival of an unusually gifted writer and historian.
— Matt Bai, author of "All the Truth Is Out"

Bobby Kennedy’s journey between JFK’s assassination and his own is one of the most remarkable political transformations in American history. For anyone inspired by the passion and courage revealed in RFK’s final years, Jack Bohrer brilliantly captures Kennedy's evolution from political hatchet man to becoming the compassionate hero who still inspires the world a half century later.
— Joe Scarborough, Co-Host, MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

In this elegant and meticulously-researched book, John R. Bohrer recounts RFK’s three years after his brother’s 1963 assassination and illuminates the many crossroads he faced in becoming his own man. This book makes Kennedy's personal and public crucible come alive with a host of unforgettable characters.
— Thomas Maier, author of "When Lions Roar: The Churchills and the Kennedys"